20 July 2010

Interesting Reads July 20

More work today means short list.

  • @NYTimeskrugman corrects the widely spread falsehood that the current deficit is all Obama's fault:  http://nyti.ms/9r6dUY It is getting to be silly when the Sean Hannity and co. continue to spread blatantly false information.  Did the deficit grow under Obama? Yes.  Was it entirely his doing? No.  I would actually argue that the two stimulus bills were not even the actions of either president, but done out of fear and a hasty congress.  Prior to that, the deficit grew at a rapid rate.  There is nobody to blame for that other than the Bush administration.
  • Political violence casts pall over Rwanda election http://u.mg.co.za/yMjXQ HT @sonjasugira
  • @alanna_shaikh writes for @aidwatch: Is impact measurement is a dead end? http://ow.ly/2dSUR
  • "US Embassy supports bodybuilding contest": http://bit.ly/9HDdxK HT @afghananalyst
  • From Oxfam: Deploying a US soldier in #Afghanistan costs about $1 million per year. Development aid spent per Afghan per yr: $93 http://bit.ly/cITVjq
  • Best. Onion. Piece. Ever. http://onion.com/azNkcf via @TheOnion - Jennifer Aniston Adopts 33-Year-Old Boyfriend From Africa HT @Civoknu