19 July 2010

Interesting Reads July 19

  • Chris Blattman (@cblatts) asks if #ethiopia will be the next "African Lion" http://ow.ly/2djRA Growth? yes Still some concerns? yes
  • @texasinafrica shows how a small tear in a#USD makes it invalid in #DRC but a taped up franc is perfectly fine http://ow.ly/2dkhn
  • Ranil Dissanayake writes at Aidthoughts.org about ‘The disappearance of equity and redistribution from the vocabulary of development work’ http://ow.ly/2dkrP
  • Important new report from HRW on fistulas in Kenya. Critical area of intervention, more has to be done: http://tinyurl.com/2u8jf5j (HT @KeshetBachan)
  • Jason Stearns on Nick Kristof: "Imagine what a wonk like Paul Krugman would sound like writing on the Congo?" http://bit.ly/btJyuW HT @texasinafrica
  • Burundi arrests journalist who wrote that country's security forces are incapable of responding to al Shabab attacks:http://bit.ly/dbZau8
  • I cannot say I like the idea of re-colonization at all. http://ow.ly/2dlDr From Waylaid Dialectic blog.
  • New from @ICT_works and @wayan_vota 6 Lessons ICT4D Practitioners Can Learn From PlayPumps Failure http://ow.ly/18c4kj
  • Poaching at an all time high in South Africa http://adjix.com/zrf4 HT @alanna_shaikh