16 July 2010

Interesting Reads July 16

  • Great post from @texasinafrica on the danger behind Rwanda's facade of reconciliation http://ow.ly/2caub
  • The death of the press because, “No medium has ever survived the indifference of 25-year-olds.” Or so writes Clay Shirky for the Guardian: http://bit.ly/8Zm1IP (commence mini power trip for the next 24 hrs).
  • Does this new post from @WrongingRights undermine almost all of Kristof's suppositions? http://ow.ly/2caFR Essentially, the discussion and attention given to rape in the DRC could lead to a changed way it is viewed and lead to things such as women falsely reporting rapes in order to access better medical care because most medical care focuses on rape victims.  If this is the case and it continues, then all statistics on rape will be impossible to trust as reports will continue to rise in order to access medical services.
  • Watched 'Good Fortune' really interesting look at aid projects that are not all good in Kibera and western Kenya http://to.pbs.org/aT3amJ
  • And PBS is awesome enough to let you watch Good Fortune online until October. Not earth-shattering, but definitely worth a view http://ow.ly/2ceKp
  • Chris  Blattman examines the drug trade in Africa: ‘Africa’s Coming Disaster?’
  • The Acorn: Why India-Pakistan ‘talks’ are like penalty kicks in football http://ow.ly/2cnPj
  • @ushahidi now has Call-To-Report Feature via Cloudvox http://ow.ly/2cwS3 Very cool stuff!
  • Vatican deems ordination of women crime comparable to heresy & even sex abuse by priests: http://bit.ly/aeDNq4
  • Live Aid anniversary: "Unknown" Ethiopia http://link.reuters.com/kum77m from @Reuters_Africa
  • A Malaria-proof mosquito is born! http://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2010-07/uoa-tfm070910.php (HT @alanna_shaikh)