14 July 2010

Interesting Reads July 14

I think 4pm is a good time to get these out.

  • Sean Penn does more saving of Haiti.  Only comment is that he looks horrible.  Somewhere in the midst of being lost, confused and extremely worn down.  Would hope he does not look like he came from a spa, but looks as if he needs a break.  Yea, the people of Haiti do not get one, but how can he provide a reasonable service if he is not at his best.  Better to get healthy and rested to bring 100% to the table.  HT @gentlemandad
  • Food Aid: Costs roughly a dollar to ship a dollars worth of food aid.  Maybe the US could deliver more food and spend less money buy buying local.  Might help out the local economies of countries.  Then where does that leave the US? (HT @good_intents)
  • Batman and Robin team up with the US Army?
  • Aid is like……morphine. Good analogy is made over at Aid Thoughts.
  • "If everything you know about Somalia you learned from Black Hawk Down, it's probably best that you stop providing commentary" – Laura Seay aka Texas in Africa writes for the CSM about Somolia
  • @penelopeinparis does a quick survey of what people’s favorite NGO/Non-for-profit websites are and why.  Follow her to see the responses.
  • Another one from Laura Seay: What do you do when a Congolese Bishop says, “you must be our voice.”
  • Why educate girls?  Here is why HT to @KeshetBachan
  • The CSM is on its game!  Why Obama mustn’t meddle in Somolia.  Definitely the truth when it comes to the region. Somolia is a country where international intervention has been met with zero success.  “Washington’s intervention has only exacerbated problems in the region. It’s time once and for all for Somalis to be free of international meddling. It hasn’t helped them, and as the Ugandans can now attest, it hasn’t helped us.”  I can’t wait for American journalists to get even louder in support for invasion. Weren’t they against Iraq?
  • I was going to make this prediction yesterday, before the All Star game.  Sadly, not saying it seems like it is an unbased ‘I told you so.’  Well, I still want to throw it out there knowing that no credit is really earned.  But, I was going to point out that the last time the NL won was at the Philly All Star game.  I happened to be in attendance.  So, I was going to make my prediction that the NL would break the streak and win because I am back in the city of Brotherly Love.  Too bad the Yankees will have less home games in the World Series.
  • Sell the discontinued Microsoft Kin in the developing world?  I say yes if they can keep the price down and if it works.  If they stopped the Kin because they do not work well, then the developing world should not be a dumping place for failed technologies.  There are a ton of really cheap phones, but, at least in Kenya, there is a desire to have some more functionality.  Phones with radios and flashlights were an absolute want/need for most with a small income.  It can be an interesting possibility for Kenya at the very least.  IPhones and Blackberries are available, but can run a couple hundred USD as compared to a phone with a radio for $25. HT @Katrinskaya
  • This would be wonderful! From @derekmarkham Finally! Use Multiple Google Accounts in One Browser http://dlvr.it/2d8dN via @webaddict @gigaom
  • More on the French Burqa ban from CFR Senior Fellow Isobel Coleman HT @NaheedMustafa.
  • Boston Big Picture does what is number one on my life to do list: The Festival of San Fermin (aka running of the bulls)
  • RT @joshuafoust Americans overwhelmingly want to cut 0.5% of the budget that goes to helping other people, but nothing else. http://ow.ly/2btPX
  • Read the story above? Ok, now read this blog post from Paul Krugman - http://ow.ly/2buwW