14 April 2010

Blogs To Read

I just added a few blogs to my roll on the right hand side and I have been using Google reader non stop to follow all of these blogs.  So far, they are the essentials in understanding development and economics.  Two subjects which I personally find interesting and need to read up on because I know so little.

  • Economist's View – Economist Mark Thoma out at U of Oregon provides abridged articles and papers with light commentary.  A nice way to read up on econ without having to read through all the dry parts.
  • Paul Krugman – Now famous Left NYT blogger and writer.  Not much to say since he is well known enough other than he is the intellectual antithesis of conservative extremism.
  • Kenyan Pundit - Ory Okolloh blogs about Kenya and other developing nations.  Mostly she is focused on politics of these nations, but gives an insiders perspective of development.
  • Grasping Reality with Tractor Beams – Economist Mark DeLong out at Cal does an even better job of distilling articles with little or no commentary.  Between him and Thoma I get the majority of major econ news for each day.
  • Good Intentions Are Not Enough - Saundra Schimmelpfennig’s blog is imperative to read when thinking about the Haiti disaster.  With experience in the aid response to the tsunami, she discusses how aid can be appropriately administered in such situations with first-hand experience.
  • Owen abroad – British Economist Owen Barder lives in Ethopia and shares his incites into development in East Africa and globally.
  • Scarlett Lion – Photographer Glenna Gordon shares her photos and thoughts from Liberia.  Her posts are at times helpful, but it is her compassionate photography that is best part.
  • wronging rights -  Kate Cronin-Furman and Amanda Taub are lawyers whose development ideas come from the legal side of human rights as opposed to the strictly economic side which is grossly over represented in my blog roll.  Their intern Chris has a list of articles for WTF Fridays that ranges from hilarious videos to WTF inducing quotes.
  • Blood and Milk – Alanna Shaikh focusing on development.  Her 10 years of experience provides for practical development advice.