28 April 2010

Aid Workers Vs. 1 Million T Shirts

@Saundra_S did such a great job putting this together that I am just including her original post here:

What aid workers think of the 1 Million Shirts campaign

Within the past few days there has been a torrent of blog posts and tweets about yet another organization shipping donated goods overseas. Donated goods are in general bad aid, I've written numerous posts on theproblems with donated goods. Unfortunately, donating goods is so appealing to the uninformed donor that these programs continue to flourish.

While donated goods are a common problem in the aid world, the recent 1 million shirts campaign touched a nerve with aid workers and has created a flurry of blog posts on the topic.

Here's what professional aid workers think of the 1 Million Shirts idea

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Whose Shirt is it Anyway - Good Ness Communications

Ian, who doesn't blog, has responded to 1 Million Shirts in the comment section below

Here's what 1MillionShirts thinks of aid workers

I don't drink Hatorade

And his second unnamed video post

Apparently since posting this unprofessional response to the criticism they received, Jason and Evan have offered to do something else if someone comes up with a better idea. Which leads me to ask the question, is this about the needs of Africans or the needs of Jason and Evan. They say they are just trying to help. As I've said many times - Good Intentions are Not Enough to ensure good aid projects.


I'd love to keep a running list of all the blog posts related to this controversy. If I've missed one please add it in the comment section. Thanks.