30 April 2010

30 Posts about #1millionshirts

Good Intentions are Not Enough has kept a running list of all the blog posts that have been related to the 1 million shirts debate.  Saundra S has been kind enough to include mine in the debate and I am thankful for being at least mentioned in the discussions.  My knowledge and experience is limited and I suggest that everyone go to see the list of commenter's because many offer insights that are based in a lot more experience than mine. 

Word is that TIME is gathering info to write an article about the explosion of this online debate.  Keep on the lookout for an article to appear soon.  Contact has already been made with some of the bigger names in this debate (no I am not in that class of aid bloggers yet).

Blogs to note for aid and this debate (they have the experience that I severely lack and are the people I learn from the most in regards to aid amongst the many more on my blog roll):

Good Intentions are Not Enough

Blood and Milk

Aid Watchers

Owen Abroad

Tales from the Hood

Texas in Africa