25 March 2010

Will Elisabeth Hasselbeck Be Kicked Out Too?

On The View this morning, she agreed with the other hosts that the speech by Republican commentators has been hurtful to the argument against the healthcare reform bill.  She condemns the speech of the talking heads in light of recent threats and actions against congress members who voted in support of the bill.

Disagreement is necessary and I still remain opposed because the bill does not go far enough.  However, death threats take it way too far.  The great Sarah Palin did not help much by putting a map up on her facebook page with crosshairs on each of the districts where she wants people to “get organized” and “take back” the seats.  I think she is getting a little too much blame, but the choice of crosshairs was poor.  She should have used something else.  With people upset and the large demonstrations by Tea Party members, the move towards violence and threats was only natural.

MSNBC and Fox News are equally as slanted in either direction, but I believe that the former is slightly better because it does not instruct people how to act.  That, to me, is what is most problematic.  I can’t find the report, but I think it was the FBI that reported soon after the Obama election that there would be a rise in fringe Conservatism.  Many on the already extreme right disputed the report and now have become the de facto leaders in the growth of Conservative extremism.  By using extremism I do not connote violence.  It more relates to political belief.  However, it probably makes extreme action more likely (as evidenced by the most recent threats on Democratic Congressmen and Senators).


I am not sure if the above was babble, but it was definitely stream of thought.