31 March 2010

Poor Journalism How To…

Today I bring you WAPO write Charles Lane who attempts to stay in the middle on the tea party issue.  Maybe he has been spending too much time listening to Beck:

"But the parties are polarized; they have been captured by the extremes."

Really? Are you buying into the cries of ‘Socialism’ Mr. Lane?  Maybe because I am closer to the Dems I am defensive, but I think they are not left enough.  I also do not think the Republican party to be extreme either.  There is an extreme element which has risen out of economic discontent, but that does not completely describe the party itself.  Although, they decided to attempt to appease the extreme wing by not cooperating in the healthcare bill.

I just wonder where these people were to protest when previous presidents were expanding the power of the US government.  That includes, Bush, Clinton, Bush and Regan.  All enacted policies which altered the scope of the US government and expanded its control and power.  No Child Left Behind passed without many protests and it was a pure spending bill based on a terrible theory for education.  At the very least, the Obamacare bill is trying to be budget positive.