02 December 2009

SJC Photos

I took these pictures for the sake of the website. Since I took so many I wanted to share them. 

I feel a bit wrong sharing the pictures. However, I did what I could to show what it is that we do and focus on the therapy side of things. Since I took them, I feel it would be a waste to hold on to them for myself.

Despite my reservations, sharing seems to be what is right. Because of that, I have the slideshow but not the album. Many are throw-aways, but I always like to take too many before going through to pick and choose which are the best. These are the ones that passed the first look.

I hope you enjoy and start to get a better idea of what I have been working for this year. Many aspects I am unable to contribute towards directly, but I think that I have provided support to our therapists by doing simple things such as; pushing the babies in the tire swing and holding superman (aka Dick) when he getting his therapy.

Tomorrow is World Disabled Day and basically the end of the year.  The celebration will take up a good part of the day and hopefully yield more happiness that the many pictures I will be taking.