08 December 2009

RED is Not Transparent, Who Knew?

Over at Aid Watch, there is a post about the lack of transparency in Project RED.  That thing where you buy a shirt from the Gap, or a special Dell laptop or a cup of coffee from Starbucks and some of the money goes to the Global Fund without costing you anything extra.

Bill Gates uses this as the perfect model for creative capitalism.  What is striking, is the fact that the company that takes in the money from RED does not release anything about its finances.  Aid Watch finds that the money does in fact go to the Global Fund, but there is no way of knowing what overhead costs and salaries.

It is striking that such a large campaign does not disclose all of its finances.  Too many charities seem to take and dole out money without complete transparency.

Here is just a part of the post, but what I think better illustrates what it is saying.  The Persuaders LLC is the company that was founded by Bono and controls the money from the RED campaign.

The Red website says that the finances are like this:


But Dadush shows they are actually like this: