02 December 2009

More Troops?

I thought of letting this one pass, but I have to say something.  The announcement to add more troops to Afghanistan is disappointing.  I wish I was not disappointed.  I got caught on the Obama wave.  I have not been surfing along the whole time, but the fact that I thought he would make the right decision proves that it was pulling me along. 

I thought that a unwinnable war where civilian casualties continue to rise would give reason to a dramatic change in tactics.  Not an increase in troops to continue doing the same things with more people.  At this point, I expect even more predator drones to bomb the mountains and kill people hiding from the war. 

I think the picture above just about sums up American foreign policy.  It was appropriate in 1898 (when it was made), 2003 when we invaded Iraq and still remains true with Obama increasing troop levels in Afghanistan. 

Maybe this is a better picture: