22 November 2009

Turkey Day Prep

Yesterday, Neto was kind enough to give me a chicken slaughtering and preparing lesson.  He took me through the process and pointed out what each part was.  Alas, it was not a simple biology lesson.  With Thanksgiving arriving this weekend (Saturday for us in Kenya), I will have to prepare a Turkey for the meal.  It has been ordered through Angela, but the work will be left to Michael and I to get it ready. 

Having only killed a chicken once, I needed to hone my skills and learn what to do after killing it.  I thought of taking some pictures as I worked, but I did not want to spoil all the fun that the pictures from Saturday will provide.

This week we continue to prepare for World Day for Disabled and wind down the last three weeks of the year for the SJC and my time in Malava.  The end is now under twenty days and I still do not feel like I am going home quite yet.  Maybe it will change over the next few days, but I think it is going to take a plane to make it a reality for me.