14 November 2009

Kitale Disabled Animal Orphanage

For our annual staff outing, the SJC staff went to an orphanage for disabled animals just outside of Kitale.  Yes it was fitting and not really a day off when working with the disabled, but it was a nice day walking around with everyone.  Since Kenyans love pictures, there were a lot taken.  Being behind the camera, none involve me.  However, there is a group picture on Sr. Judi’s camera that I will steal and post ASAP.

Most of all, it was nice to spend time with everyone outside of the center.  We have had some gatherings, but this trip was a good experience.  Everyone seemed to be happy and enjoy their time at the animal center.  Lunch at the Kitale Golf Club finished the day with a small hitch in the delivery of my meal, but in Kenya all things must come in time.

Pictures are uploading this minute and will be posted shortly.