26 November 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Ours will be on Saturday, so my wishes extend to the United States but will not be put to use for two more days.  A bit of a snag has arisen concerning our turkey.  Neto and Angela have informed me that the slaughter of it will not be as simple as I thought.  I never thought it would be easy, but they claim that if it is threatened it will seize up and render the meat tough.

I have my doubts, but they say it must be slaughtered by surprise.  My research on the internet has shown them to be wrong, but any search for turkey slaughter ends up with mostly videos and articles about the Palin press conference from last year. 

I feel confident in our abilities, but the plan now looks like it will be a surprise attack with our machete.  I do not like this idea and I hope to avoid it.  More to come as I try to learn about it.  Anyone with experience, any help is more than welcome.  I want to do it in the most humane manner possible (yes killing is killing, but it is nice being at the top of the food chain).

The turkey arrives tomorrow and the preparations begin immediately.