28 November 2009

A Fresh Thanksgiving Day Feast

Awake at 6AM, I began the preparations for the turkey.  With pots borrowed from father, I boiled water to be poured on the freshly killed turkey.  It helps get the feathers off.  Ready to get going by 7, I waited until 8:30 for Neto and his friend to come.

As I said a few days ago, the rumor was that there needed to be a specific way that a turkey is to be slaughtered.  Michael and I had our doubts that there was truth to the claim, but with no knowledge we decided to bring in help.  Unfortunately (but really fortunately), it was as easy as we thought.  He slaughtered it the same way that a chicken is done; by pinning the wings down underneath a foot then slitting the neck.  Being a larger bird, it put up a much greater fight after the neck was cut.  The man did fine by himself and I know that with one cutting and the other holding, we could have done it with no problems.

After the slaughter, the hot water was poured over the bird and it was de-feathered.  A searing completed the process to get off all feathers and then it was time to cut it up.  Neto, the man and I worked together to cut, gut and clean the turkey.  After they were done and left, I boiled it for two hours and the finished it with a quick fry.

All the while, Michael whipped up his mashed potatoes.  Three different kinds to be exact.  With stuffing and green bean casserole from Sue we had a Thanksgiving feast.  Our guests arrived, we ate and enjoyed.

To finish, we had ice cream, Jell-O made by yours truly, rice krispy treats by me as well, apple and peach cobbler by sue, and pumpkin pie by Sue.  All in all it was a nice meal and an easy day.  The work proved to be much easier than I expected.  The whole Turkey work took about five hours from alive to human stomach.  We had no injuries or any mishaps. 

A great Thanksgiving was had by all.  There was something more enjoyable about making the meal from the very beginning.  Sue’s stuffing did not come from a box, the turkey at our house the night before I was able to handle it through the entire process, and Michael used fresh cows milk and vegetables make mashed potatoes that he finally mashed with his hands and a wooden stick.  It was not the easiest Thanksgiving meal, but it was right up there at the top in my mind.

The pictures include most of the turkey process.  There are also pictures after the turkey from the meal itself.  Sorry if it is a bit gory, but I do not think they are all that bad. I turned off auto-play so nobody has to see anything they do not want to.