18 November 2009


I have had ever intention to write and have continued to neglect my goals.  Tonight I will catch up a bit with some quick hitters:

  • It has rained for two days straight.  El Nino was supposed to come and it seems that this may be it.  I cannot say for sure, but there have been three rainy days since I have been in Malava and two were the Tuesday and today.  It looks like we will have plenty of rain for awhile, but the weather here is all over the place.
  • World Day for Disabled is on December 3 and we have begun preparations.  These next few weeks are going to be very hectic trying to get everything in order.
  • Neto and Sue were both out today doing various work.  That left me to deal with the children as they waited for therapy.  It could not have been a better day.  When there are a lot of us, it can be hard to have the chance to work/play with the kids.  Today I was free to spend the day out of the back office and with the kids as long as I wanted.  Time has been kind and my rapport with the kids has improved immensely.  This means that they are far more receptive to not only me being around, but working with them.
  • School is out for most kids as exams have begun.  I thought of being stuck in the Twilight Zone as the town has shifted from adult to child oriented.  There seem to be almost no people over the age of fifteen.  For some reason this was not as striking during the April or August breaks.  Now, I feel as if the kids have taken over town.  If I had a Child Greeting Index, it would be at its highest point of the year right now with a strong upward trend
  • To practice and prepare for our Thanksgiving feast next Saturday, I will slaughter and cook a chicken on Friday.  Neto is going to help me out.  The goal is to get a bit of practice on the smaller bird before doing it on the turkey.  There is a good chance that a video will be made for the turkey and maybe even for the chicken.