15 October 2009

It Piles On

Ok, this ends my issue with the Nobel Prize.  I will just include an article that highlights dissent amongst the voting ranks prior to the vote for the prize.  I am sure that dissent is not new, but it does not help things out.  Thus ends my issue with Obama and the Nobel Prize.

Also, the USA Today Faith and Reason blog had a thought provoking piece on gay marriage.  I included the link but I can sum it up by saying that there has yet to be any reasonable argument proving that a ‘non traditional’ relationship has negative affects upon children.  The lawyer working for Prop 8 was asked to address this issue and was unable to provide any sort of proof.  This continues to be a main point in the debate over gay marriage and one which is put forth again and again without any thought.  The article mentions bible literalism, but that is not the case when a literal reading of the bible also forbids the eating of shrimp. 

It is more like bible buffet.  Check out the whole spread.  Listen to suggestions from people around.  Pick what you want.  Eat as much of what you like.  Try out a little bit of something new.  Go back and have more of what you like.