08 October 2009

“I have a meeting with the Bobs”

This will give a bit of a recap of the work week.  I procrastinated and also decided to relax rather than write being that it has involved some long days.  It got a kick start Monday morning when Judi told us that two consultants were coming on Tuesday to meet with the staff.  She knew little about them other than their job title and that they would meet us at 2:30 the following afternoon.

Tuesday also happened to be an eye clinic day and Angela was to go to get her eyes checked.  With David manning the therapy alone and Neto on his week of vacation, we were in store for a slow and disorganized day.  Finishing early enough to take a small break, we all ran home to relax, except for David who napped on the therapy table.  Back before 2:30 we anticipated the meeting with the hope that the two consultants would be on time.  The meeting started at 3:30.

As every meeting in Kenya has gone that I have had the pleasure of attending, it dragged.  With three hours of talking in circles I came away with this: the SND’s decided to hire consultants to consult the program.  Meetings were arranged and I was scheduled last with Sue, Grace and Angela on the following day.

Being responsible to open the center, I was early and the two consultants still beat me there.  Because they were conducting interviews, the office was occupied.  Again, we were short staffed because David had a 2 hour interview in the middle of the therapy hours, Neto was still on vacation, and Sue and I were moved out of our office into the play therapy area to do our usual duties.  The hope was to finish the interviews at the same time the therapy ended. 

The therapy ended at 1:30.  Our interview was at 3:30.  1.5 hours later and we were done.  This morning, wanting to be opened before the consultants arrived, I went in even earlier to open up.  We saw them quickly before they finished their interviews with the rest of the staff and ventured out to meetings with Joy.

It was not all so bad to have the two consultants come, but it was a bit sudden.  Tomorrow there will be focus groups with various parts of the program.  I will be making a trip into Kakamega in the morning.  I wish I could say that my Swahili now allows me to take part in Swahili language meetings, but I can’t.  At best I can understand every eighth word in spoken Swahili.  My goal is to finish knowing ever sixth.

This weekend will be uneventful, but next will be our staff outing.  So that means fun and pictures with the St Julie staff as we go out and have fun on the town.