12 October 2009

Funny People

I read this NYT article today and wavered between amusement and laughter.  Finally I settled on amusement.

There are groups banning clotheslines.  Yes, you read that sentence correctly.  In fact, it has gone to the legislative action.  My favorite part of it all is the fact that the defenders of such rules are concerned that the government would be meddling too much in their personal decisions by allowing people to choose if they want to have a clothesline on their property.  Maybe I am confused, but is it not the same people who are concerning themselves with the private property of their neighbors?

How can you make claims about the preservation of private property when you are violating it.  It is like arguing for free markets and an interventionist foreign policy because you don’t like what other countries are doing.

Equally absurd is the argument that by hanging ones clothes properties in the neighborhood become less desirable.  If someone has a problem with seeing their neighbors underwear hanging on a line they might need to rethink their priorities.