12 October 2009

Also, as a note, our night watchman, Samuel, passed away on Saturday morning.  We went to the funeral today immediately after work.  Sitting listening to introductions, songs and preaching in Swahili, it was like a church service in a park.  We gave a small amount of money to his wives (he had two) as a pole (sorry), a traditional gesture at a funeral.

To balance out the post about death, I am happy to report that our dog is very pregnant.  Conception is estimated around 20 Aug or so (prior to going on vacation) and the dog looks ready to give birth at any moment.  It lies around all day, eats and ton, is really fat, and unable to sit with its two feet underneath.  It has to fashion its belly outwards is it sits or lays on its stomach.  So puppies are on their way!