20 September 2009

Termite Hunters…and those who just like to be kids

"Kids are running around and eating things off the ground," was all Michael needed to say to arouse curiosity. We investigated and found his statement to be correct.  To be more accurate, kids were running around and eating termites off the ground.  Always looking to lend a helping hand, we joined in.  Oh, and we ate a few along the way. 

After a half hour or so, we retreated to relax.  I grabbed my camera, needing to prove my story, and took pictures of those who remained.  With less termites and kids hunting (because they had already eaten their fill and collected enough for later) the pictures do not represent the entire saga, but will pass.  This is a bit what the hunt looked like and what some of the others were doing while termite catching was taking place.

*Note* Titi is a ham for the camera and spent as much time in front of it as possible.