20 September 2009

Sunday News (at least what I noticed)

  • Kenyan PM Raila Odinga has be uninvited to have lunch with Obama.
  • Kenya has until the 30th to get its act together or the ICC will begin to step in.  Here’s hoping that Ocampo follows his word.
  • No surprise here: South Africa knew that Caster Semenya was not all woman.  Having felt bad for her because of all the publicity, it makes me rethink my sympathy if she knew what was going on and willingly complied.
  • Food is short and drought continues.  The solution?  Cut funding.  That makes the most sense when you are an organization that specializes in this field.  Nice job World Food Programme.
  • Why we Need to Talk About Obama and Racism: written by Raina Kelly for Newsweek.  Can’t say I know too much about what is going on, but it is about time someone was willing to say what may be behind the absurd criticisms of the administration.
  • Now I hate Fox News, but I have a hard time believing that they are the only news channel that do a little pre-work to elicit a wanted response.  An apology is necessary, but lets not wag the finger too long.  Making up false stories and trying to call out the other news programs via a Washington Post ad is just plain wrong.