16 September 2009

No Public Option, No Thanks

Sen. Max Baucus (Mon D) came out with his (sub)committee's  plan for healthcare.  Without even an public option, the bill amounts to a monumental waste of government money.  As it stands, there are a few competing bills in committee.  A public option is offered in most, but a single payer system has been entirely scrapped.  All those worried about a socialistic health care system should be happy.  The real solution (single payer), the one that has struck fear in the fear-mongering lips of conservative personalities has been gone for months and has no hope of being a part of the bill. 

That can be understandable.  The abolishment of private health insurance is a large step, so a system with a public option is best.  It provides a government system that allows for private competition.  People get to pick what plan they want.  Opponents will argue that it will be impossible to compete because the government will reduce costs and give better coverage (which is the point of reforming healthcare in the first place).

Now, the fake Dem Baucus has come up with a plan that eliminates the public option and allocates money for non-for-profit start-ups.  Where things stand, I believe it would be best to start all over.  The proposed bills are ineffective and full of ways that the people who are meant to receive care can be denied.

Sorry to diverge, but my recent readings have led me to wholeheartedly oppose all of the proposed healthcare plans in the house and senate.  Obama was elected to bring national healthcare and he has failed miserably so far.