28 September 2009

Heatin’ Up

As the autumn descends upon the the United States and the leaves no longer match the deep green of the grass, it just gets hotter in Kenya.  The temperature reads in the upper eighties, but the direct sun at one in the afternoon feels much hotter than it is.  Maybe it is the equator and the intensity of the sun, but I am convinced that temperature lies when here. 

I believe it is made more significant for two reasons.  The first is shade.  The shade provides an instant and dramatic drop in temperature.  The sun will make your skin feel as if it is literally burning off when exposed, the shade provides instant relief.  The change between the two may make the sun seem hotter, or it could just be the fact that the sun is in fact so hot.  The second reason is the rain.  With consistent rain each afternoon, the dark clouds bring a reduction in temperature and cooling winds the precede the rain. 

Of course, we are in plenty good shape in terms of water.  So, when I get home I can drink a lot of water to stay hydrated.  It is this change that brings a greater appreciation for real seasonal change.  Some may hate the winter for its cold, but constant summer loses its appeal quickly when it is as unyielding as it is here.  Four distinct changes gives forth unique character that makes each worth their three month existence.

Although I am sure that I will not be happy to go home in the winter.