19 September 2009

The Battle of the Shower

For the past month or so, an on-going battle between myself and the shower has slowly gained intensity.  With a ruptured handle a few months ago, I finally came up with a solution to keep it from continuing to break.  Then came the small holes.  Each one small enough to cause a problem.  A little super glue with recycled plastic always did the trick.

That was until a larger hole emerged.  A weeks fight resulted in a victory via super glue and duct tape.  Before we left, I decided to try to get ahead of the curve and attach a large sheet to the front of the shower.  With no leeks, I thought it would prevent the inner plastic from wearing because it was exposed less.

However, upon returning home, I found that the bag was unable to hold any water when placed out to heat in the sun.  I removed the large piece to discover that large gashes has developed.  Again, duct tape and super glue came into the fray.  This effort was met with little success.  Yesterday, I went to Kakamega and bought some yellow blob glue to attempt to fix it once and for all.  I painted the glue on with a brush and said a few prayers last night.

This morning, I filled up the bag and water continued to pour out.

We are not entirely defeated.  The bottom third is without holes.  That means that we are unable to heat it in the sun without losing all of the water.  The final solution is to heat the water over the stove and mix it to the temperature we want with unheated water.  We found that pouring straight hot water makes for a great shower and a further destroyed bag.

Three months.  That is all I need out of this bag.  If it can last for three more months I will be very happy.  I am sure that it was not intended to be used 4-5 times a week for nine months, but I remain optimistic.