03 August 2009

When the Sec State Comes to Town

Clinton is hitting Kenya very soon.  Her iterary will include:

Clinton will deliver a policy address on Wednesday in Nairobi during the opening session of the African Growth and Opportunity Forum, the 8th annual meeting mandated by the African Growth and Opportunity Act, the U.S. law which promotes U.S-African trade. She will hold meetings with African ministers of commerce, trade and finance to talk about Africa's potential "to play a much larger role in global trade," Carson said.

She plans meetings with Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga to encourage both to move forward "as swiftly as possible on the Kofi Annan agreements that ended the post-election… violence of 2007." She will also be talking in Kenya and during several other stops about agriculture and food security, which the Obama administration has made one of its policy priorities.

Maybe her meetings will be useful and not just full of showy press conferences.  It would be a feat if she could convince the leaders of Kenya to make a change and actually work to bring the perpetrators of violence to justice.  I have low expectations, maybe that is the Kenya getting into my psyche.