09 August 2009

Talkin’ Blue Winnin’ Blues

Soccer season is back and the Blues opened it with a nice victory over that other team.  Crammed in the ‘I Max’ at the top of town, I enjoyed the match with some fellow fans.  Again in the minority, I remain a friend to few and a foe to most.  All is in good fun as we traded barbs with each of the teams two goals.

Sitting uncomfortable upon wooden benches in closer quarters than a matatu, it is nothing less than a sweat box when soccer is on.  Although the break was short, I did miss attending the matches.  It continues to give me the opportunity to meet new people and enjoy something together.  I think that the reason that soccer is so important to me is because it is one of the few things I can share.  I can pal around with my fellow Chelsea fans, banter with Man U fans, and hate on Man U with all other fans.  I did not go to as many matches as I wanted to in the spring, but I want to make a more concerted effort to go.  With my time here dwindling, I do not want to slack.

It appears that the other blue team (pinstripes) has asserted itself against its red clad foe.  Three out of four would be great, but my broom is ready just incase.

In other news, a Kenyan man offered a dowry of 40 goats and 20 cows to Hillary Clinton for her daughter Chelsea.  He already has one wife, but is looking to add a second.  Last week, when we visited with our friend John, Michael had the duty of negotiating the dowry for Sue to become John’s second wife.  I had no part in the discussions.  He just wanted Mike.  However, I found it funny when he pulled him out of the house numerous times and cornered him during our walking to come to an agreement. 

Also, the Daadab refuge camp is running into problems due to the influx of refugees from Somolia.  The region’s stability continues to worsen and people are running.