25 August 2009

Switching Gears

I have been more on the defensive side in terms of the recent healthcare brouhaha.  Now the other side.  With the Congressional Budget Office projecting a decade of deficit spending, I cannot support a bill that will add to the deficit.  While I strongly oppose fiscal conservatism, I do think that the government should spend the money that it has.  If it wants to spend more, it must be raised.  I am supportive of the Obama tax plan, but I would like to see him go further to raise rates on those who are in the top 0.5%.  I wish I could find the article where Warren Buffet talked about how he pays less taxes than his secretary.  The richest (or is he back to #2 now?) person pays less than his secretary?  That is inexcusable.   The bottom line is that the plan needs to be paid for.  A large portion of our GDP (over 10%) goes to healthcare already.  Couldn’t a more comprehensive plan reduce the money spent and extend coverage?  It is possible for other nations with successful universal healthcare.

The other thing I wanted to mention was that the recent SAT results have been released with a breakdown in race, income, gender and so on.  They tell nothing new.  Race and income continue to play a significant role in standardized testing.  The focus right not is on health, but education is in much worse shape.  When will real time be placed into education reform?  I am not taking No Child Left Behind inefficient quick fixes.  I would personally rather see an overhaul of the education system before healthcare.  Schools continue to operate under an ineffective model and the students suffer.  This is summed up by a poorly constructed single test that is used to determine college admissions.  Fortunately, some schools (like Holy Cross) have dropped the SAT as a required part of admissions.  The next step is to bring education to those who continue to be neglected.