29 August 2009

Safely in Nairobi

Yesterday morning we departed from Malava at 5am.  Arriving at the retreat center by 1, the time of the trip and the cost no better than a flight.  All in all, we were screwed by the Dr. we used for the care hire, but nothing can be done about it now.  On the positive side, we did travel through Eldoret and take a new route for all of us.  Seeing more of the Rift Valley was as stunning as it was before.  Who knew that a gash in the earth could draw attention in such a provocative manner?

We settled in last night, played some hearts and rummy and hit the sack before the retreat started today.  With two talks and plenty of time to myself, I took the opportunity to walk the grounds and take more pictures of the flowers.  There are plenty of the same from before, but a few new ones.  The most spectacular is the bird of paradise that is featured towards the end of the album (which will be posted shortly).  Included are a few birds.  They are tough to photograph because they do not like people getting close and move too quickly to keep in the frame.  The last bird is hard to see amongst the tree, but its colorful feathers made it too hard to pass on an attempted photo and sharing with you all.  I am certain that it is some sort of sun bird (based on size and beak) but I do not know any specifics because I forgot to bring my bird book.

The weekend should remain in full retreat mode and will yield little on the blogging front.  However, with time off for the rest of the week before taking vacation with my family there will be plenty of activity and pictures.  Please forgive me as my posts will be more picture plenty than word filled.