07 August 2009

(not so) Simple

“Just drive straight,” we were told.  “Stay on the same road and you will see it.”  With the simple directions, Sue and I set off this morning to pick up the doctors for the epilepsy clinic.  Leaving at 7:00 with Katie in tow (to drop her off at work along the way), we set off with Bob Marley in the tape deck and fog settling in the Kakamega rainforest.

Just over an hour later, we make it to Mumias.  Home of the great Kenyan sugar factory.  Looking for a hospital, we bumped about as the road became worse and worse.  A few minutes later we were at the outskirts of town with the knowledge that we missed the hospital.  Convinced it was impossible to have missed the sign, we turned back to explore the side roads.  Cue phone calls streaming into my phone asking why we had not gotten the doctors yet.  Sue driving, now Mariah Carrey dueting with Boys to Men emanating through the speakers.

Taking a turn to the right, we came to more buildings and no hospital.  Desperate phone calls yielded no results as nobody could help.  With a stop, we asked a gas station attendant where to go.  He pointed and spoke nervous English that I could not understand.

Departing, again, we continued up the road and made it back to the main road.  Thinking it was near, we went back down the main road to find failure not a hospital.  Turning back for the third time, we decided to try another gas station.  The first man looked more lost than us when I asked him where the hospital was, but came with friend.  Who told us to drive past two junctions and look for the sign just after the second.

Mariah was slowing it down for us as we made it to the hospital at 9am, 1 hour late.  Attempting to calm the defeated atmosphere of the car, we took the doctor and picked up his assistant on the way back to Malava.  As the sun took to its duty, Westlife gave reason to enjoy the ride and the rest of the day.