23 August 2009

My Plate

A bit of a nod to Cait and her daily plate of food. I made Sunday brunch and attempted to photograph my meal. Pictures did not come out all that well so I will narrate a bit.

Part one is freshly made wheat ravioli’s. I used the only cream-ish sort of cheese possible (low fat as well) for the middle. Starting with just flour, eggs and water, I labored all morning to create them. A bit heavy, I would use white flour the next time I do it.

From Various 23 Aug 2009

Next was a tomato sauce. With green peppers, eggplant, carrots and onions, I again made it from scratch. I only used the vegetables listed, plus tomatoes of course, to make the sauce. Spices were added to taste. At the end, I threw in the last of the soft cheese so that it would not go to waste. In terms of taste, it did nothing. It did however transform a rich red into a rust color. I made this yesterday afternoon/evening because I knew that the pasta would take the morning to do.

From Various 23 Aug 2009

First attempt at pasta went decently well. All in all, the whole dish took about six hours to create. Prep work took the majority of the time, but it was worth the effort.

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