13 August 2009

More Bad News for The North

Kenyan drought worsening, Oxfam warns

13 August 2009

A drought in the northern regions of Kenya is causing massive water shortages, Oxfam reports.

The charity notes that despite its thrice-weekly deliveries of 15,000 litres of water to the region, dozens of locals are being left without due to ever-increasing demand.

Livestock on which many Wajir residents depend for income and food are becoming weaker every day due to the drought, the organisation's regional media and communications officer Alun McDonald reports.

"Money for the trucks is set to run out within a month and the next rainy season is not due until October," Mr McDonald told the charity.

"But the last rains failed and with the seasons becoming increasingly unpredictable, there is no guarantee that these rains won't do the same," he added.

The majority of people living in Britain use in excess of 150 litres of water each day, while many in Kenya have now been reduced to five.

Oxfam is currently running a campaign called Here and Now, which aims to provide simple solutions to the suffering caused by climate change across the globe.

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