30 August 2009

It is the Fault of Women

Somebody thought that this would be a good ad about HIV.  I guess it is fair to give a nudity warning for the picture that is linked above.  What is troubling is the fact that the image is that of a female body used in a way to suggest that she is the carrier of HIV.  It is sad to see such ads taking place in the West, but can become dangerous if they make their way to places such as Kenya.

With gender roles firmly implanted, it is hard to change attitudes and minds when it comes to things such as the spread of HIV.  There are ways to be more subtle and remove gender and sexual orientation implications when discussing HIV.

On a whole different topic.  Brushing my teeth with water is much easier than without.  It is also nice to take a hot shower with pressure at any time of the day.  Simple pleasures make me very happy her in Nairobi and provide for an opportunity to completely relax.  As much as I try, living in Malava provides little opportunity to truly rest.  Even the most simple day will involve preparing water to drink and to bathe in.