20 August 2009

I Love Newsweek

The new format is great and I get it as often as I can when I go to Kakamega.  This time I found an article online.  I continue to learn about the great American debate (healthcare) via print and internet articles.  With little chance to do real digging, I take what I can get.  For the most part, I have found the back and forth boring.  Both sides remain wildly wrong and in some ways irresponsible.  Nazis?  Socialism?  Do insane scare tactics still work?  Have we returned back to the spring of 2003?

Back to Newsweek!  There is an article about the hypocrisy of those who are crying wolf.  Some of the strongest opponents are recipients of government healthcare.  Why are those who so willingly accept taxpayer dollars for healthcare call a move to extend it to the taxpayers wrong?  I do not mean to say that the current plan should pass.  I am against it.  But how can someone oppose something that they actually accept?  Government run healthcare already affects a large portion of the country and the opposition has always been a low murmur.

I am glad to read an article like the one from Newsweek.  I hope I can soon read one that gives strong reasons why the current plan is no good.  Lobbing generalities, like NASCAR, is an American pastime that needs to come to an end.