20 July 2009


Has joined in the trend of articles that offer nothing new.  Most of it involves the recently released report accusing of, amongst others, Ruto and Kenyatta of actively inciting violence after the 2007 election.  Again, it is disappointing to read non-news from a source such as Time.  With a little time spent in country, an investigative piece can be produced. 

Nobody has brought up the fact that Waki has ties to Kibaki.  Can that have affected his report.? How about that much of his investigation was conducted in the IDP camps and not in the towns?  It is hard to see an entire story when only one side is considered.  Or, there is the fact that he did not come to Western Province.  The province in-between Kisumu and Eldoret, where much of the violence occurred.  I believe that I have mentioned before that the woman who sells us vegetables left Malava for over a year because of violence against her tribe, Kikuyu, right here.

Not all fault should rest with Time.  The Kenyan newspapers have been equally as negligent.  If it involves scandal, they are there when it breaks.  For some reason, they are never the ones breaking the story.  With only two English print sources, The Nation and The Standard, competition is low.  As the push for justice moves in an indeterminate direction, the external pressure remains too low and obligatory at best.