29 July 2009

Take 5 Minutes

And sign up for Twitter (or log on if you already have an account). 

Hi Friends,
I'm trying to demonstrate the potential of social media fundraising to the non profit I work for in the Boston area, Earthwatch. We've been lucky enough to snag a challenge grant from a renewable energy company, First Wind: if we can get 350 followers to our climate change Twitter account by August 13th, they'll grant a total of $8,000 to the climate change research we do and to fund a tree-planting project in Boston.
So, if you're a Twitter user--or even if you'd be willing to set up a free Twitter account just for this purpose--please take two minutes and go to www.twitter.com/tweettheheat and become a follower--then pass the word through your networks. If we blow that 350 out of the water--the sooner the better--we can go back to the funder, and others, for MUCH more next time.

Earthwatch does some great work and it is so easy to help fund a non-profit.  Give five minutes and help raise some money for the environment!