08 July 2009

Speaking Engagement

Michael and I were invited to speak at the former school of Alex.  We were told to prepare to speak in front of all the students.  Michael prepared to speak about the down side of pride and I went without a real plan.  We met at the upper stage and took a motorcycle taxi to the school.  In one afternoon, I accomplished using every form of public transportation in Kenya and ride on a motorcycle for the first time.

At the school, we were welcomed by the students.  Alex said a few opening remarks and then gave Michael the chance to discuss pride.  Upon finishing, it was my turn to speak.  Seeing that they were not all too interested in us offering random advice.  I decided, since I had no real plan, to stay short and to the point.  After speaking, we opened up the floor for questions.  We were asked about the American school system and our impressions of Kenya.  All and all, it was a nice time speaking to the students.  I hope to be able to go back soon.

DSC01207It was strange to hear about people’s impressions of the United States.  One of the teachers described his impression of the US as ‘heaven.’  Another discussed how the US is the ‘world super power’ and there is much to be learned from Michael and I.  It was a bit strange to hear.  I have not entirely figured out my thoughts on it all.