02 July 2009

Our Newest Friend

I arrived home this afternoon to this:


Yes, he went to the dog market and for a whole $6 bought a dog from a one eyed man (I could not make that up).  We now have a Bantu Dog to join our cat.  La Chiffre was not at all happy and made it known by hissing and arching upwards in warning.  Calm as Maverick, the dog just relaxed as the cat made a fool of itself.  Now we will have another dog to join the nightly chorus of howls that wake me as I sleep.  It also officially means that each of us has our own pet.  Neither of us have ever lived with a dog, so that will be a first for both.

Also, Michael has taken to growing some various plants in our courtyard (hence the fence operation last week).  He planted some herbs and peppers.  Below, you can see the start of life.  His first Venus Fly Trap.


While researching animals, we decided to look up our cat.  As it turns out, I am the proud owner of the rarest domestic cat in the world.  The Sokote cat is native to the coast of Kenya.  They are known for ‘talking’ a lot and climbing; two favorites of our little pal.  Our family has grown with the addition of the dog (name soon to be decided by Michael) and we also are in possession of a super rare cat.  All is well.