16 July 2009

Now They Care

The ‘West’ now wants Kenya to make some decisions about the future of the tribunal/ICC.  The deadline from Annan passed in March and the extension will pass this month.  However, Kenya continues to prolong the process.  If you want to waste the time reading lip service, you can see the Reuters article here.

In a double feature, Reuters strikes back with another article about the state of Kenya a year later.  I feel like a broken record when I continue to put up articles that come too late.  Here is another time where issues that have existed for far too long have come to light.  I cannot accept that it is better late than never.  As long as the press remains behind the pressure upon the coalition government will never increase.  It is hard to report about every thing that takes place in every inch of the world, but it would be harmful not to expect it.  Recently, Obama said something very smart and very silly.  I am paraphrasing, but he said that we cannot accept a world in which nuclear weapons exist.  We must work for complete eradication.  Accepting anything less is unacceptable.  While he may be idealistic in his stance, it is one that must be emulated on all fronts.    So if I seem that is a bit unreasonable when commenting on reporting done concerning Kenya, this is why.