06 July 2009

News Wars: Robbery

The lower stage was full of busses waiting to take people in either direction.  The men who are generally drunk and assist people as they get on were still sober.  I arrived onto the scene at 8:15 and saw the younger man who sells the newspaper.  He looked over at me and raised his hand.  I replied with a nod and he checked to the right to see if a car was coming.  He saw something much worse than an oncoming vehicle.  For next to him was my Kenyan father.  With newspapers under his arms, he also gave me a signal.  Shocked the younger man hesitated and sized up his competition.  With his head still turned, he made a break for it.  Full speed with no care to look for cars he ran across to sell me a newspaper.  On the other side, the older and wiser of the two waited with a big grin.  He did not sell me a newspaper, but he knew that he did not have to look like a fool.

At the SJC, Neto and Tom discovered that an attempted break-in had occurred over the weekend.  Two of the barbed wires had been cut.  Someone slipped in and then used something to try to pry off the lock.  It was loose, but still on.  I grabbed the hammer and hit the nails back in and we all joked about what could have been stolen.  Naturally, Neto was most concerned about the battery for the radio that he controls during centre hours.

It appears as if the dog is pregnant.  This is based on Michael’s sister and Wikipedia research.  We may be having puppies.