23 July 2009

New Jersey Pride

Because it is too hard not to comment.  Giving Illinois a run for its money for most corrupt state.  It seems as if we had some politicians and religious leaders arrested.  The New York Times and Reuters were kind enough to write a little about it.  Living amongst constant scandal and graft, it was funny to come across these two articles.  Maybe ironic would be more appropriate.  On the bright side, those are accused were arrested.  Here, someone with any sort of political pull that has done something wrong can keep his or her job.

Although not entirely the same, I would say that the main difference between the US and Kenya is the fact that people do eventually get caught.  We have forced out a president.  Here, people know that a wrong has taken place yet nothing is done.  The discussions concerning the tribunal and Hague highlight this issue.  Misdeeds that go unpunished will continue to occur.

Anyways, back to the less serious part.  Enjoy the articles and a few laughs at the expense of the finest state (just forget our politicians) in the union.