21 July 2009

Ill = No Fun

There was once a time when a sick day was a chance to watch bad daytime television and lay in bed.  Here, without either being a real option, remaining home sick is not at all fun.  Since I am the last of the four to have this bug, I get to experience the other side of the coin for the week.  For the most part, I am feeling alright.  However, since it is obviously something that has been passed on, I cannot go to the SJC and risk getting anybody else sick.  Therefore, I am on a self-imposed quarantine.  The other three were sick all of last week.  With an improvement since yesterday, it is my hope to be back at work tomorrow.  In a practical sense, I will plan for the possibility of missing the work week.

The two days from work have confirmed two things for me.  First of which is that I despise taking time off for being sick.  Missing any work means that I will have to play catch up.  Here, that is not so much of a problem.  Within an hour I can be completely up to speed after missing a week of work.  Still, I do not like falling behind.  The second is that I hate to be away from the SJC.  Yes, the hours are nice, but I look forward to every day that I get to be there.  With time, I have built a rapport with the children, parents and staff.  My work is not exciting and the contribution I make is minimal at best; however, I am happiest when at the centre.  I had a quarter point crisis of sorts in March.  July has proven to be a sharp upswing for my morale.  All in all, even sickness cannot dampen an overall joyous mood.