30 July 2009

I Was Wrong

And I wish I was right.  The cabinet made a decision today…wait for it…to have a truth and justice reconciliation commission.  “That sounds familiar,” you say.  Well that is because one was formed last week.  No, there will not be two separate ones, that would be wasteful.  No, there will be no local tribunal or handing over to the ICC.  A commission will sort out all of the problems to help heal the nation of Kenya.  I will let Kibaki speak for himself:

“[The] cabinet was concerned that while it will not stand for impunity in the pursuit of justice, the country should equally pursue national healing and reconciliation. This does not in any way reduce its desire to punish impunity,”

There you go.  The leaders likely guilty of encouraging the post-election violence will go without having to stand trial.  I will go as far as to say that the commission will not even include them as part of those involved.  I am disappointed by the decision.  With an opportunity to earn the trust of its people, the Kenyan government has failed every step of the way.