22 July 2009

Funny and Sad (but more funny)

Woman demands Sh70,000 for two weeks sex

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By Maureen Mudi

A woman who claims she rendered sexual services to a tourist for two weeks is demanding Sh70,000 from him.  Ms Belinda Obonyo filed an application under a certificate of urgency in a Mombasa court, yesterday.  She also wants the German tourist to pay Sh200,000 as security for her claims and costs of the suit.

She told Senior Resident Magistrate Michael Ondieki the defendant, Paulus Heinz, 69, arrived in Kenya on June 17 with his daughter.  "I met them after prior arrangements and took them to Clarina apartments in Shanzu where they were booked," she told the court.  She also claimed the tourist is about to leave the country on a tourist visa, hence the urgency.

Obonyo said she agreed to offer the "defendant and his daughter" sexual services, wash their clothes, clean the house and cook for them.  "I was also to keep them company during their visits to various places within Mombasa and the National Park at an agreed sum of Sh5,000 daily," she told the court.  She claimed between June 17 and 30, she rendered the services as agreed.  Sh300 for fare.  Through her lawyer Samuel Oguk, she claims the defendant paid her Sh300 only for transport.

She also wants the court to award her general damages for unlawful arrest and imprisonment after the defendant allegedly claimed she had stolen his bracelet.  She was detained at the Bamburi Police Station.  "During investigation, the bracelet was found in the apartment. I was then released, but the defendant did not apologise," she claimed.

She now wants the defendant’s passport deposited in court if he fails to give the Sh200,000 as security.  But Heinz, in his defence statement denied the claims, saying there was no legal contract entered into.  He also denied defaming the plaintiff, adding her claims were misconceived and incurably defective. The case will be heard on August 7.

From The Standard