23 July 2009

Difference of Opinion

Reuters has a story quoting PM Ralia Odinga saying, "There is no stalemate in the cabinet on the issue of post-election violence. There were no disagreements. It is a matter of extensive and intensive consultations, and I am sure the cabinet will reach an agreement."  While they briefly mention that some have accused the cabinet of disharmony due to its slow pace, it does not recognize the fact that Ralia is a talker.  After being here for a few months, and reading the paper daily, I have concluded that Ralia likes to have his words in the news.  Regardless of what he is saying, he likes to be quoted.  After every meeting or event, he has something to say.  The Kenyan press seems to feed into it by printing the quotes.

Either way, he always says one of two things.  First being that Kenya is in terrible shape and the coalition is falling apart.  Second, Kenya is fine and the coalition is together on whatever the issue may be.  Since he flip-flops more often than John McCain and John Kerry combined, it is impossible to take anything he says seriously.  The cabinet has had two full sessions to come up with a plan to present to parliament and have yielded nothing.  A poorly crafted bill was presented and rejected in March.  This time the body is being more deliberate, but seemingly finding little to agree on.  With issues such as presidential immunity and a foreign majority making up the tribunal’s justices on the table, it is safe to say that the ODM and PNU have strongly differing opinions on the most significant issues.