09 July 2009

Breaking and Egging

“Real funny,” Michael said to me as we prepared for our afternoon lesson.  When I did not react he continued, “The chicken on my bed.  Real funny.”  Thinking he was referring to some sort of metaphor that Mamma William was not to know, I shrugged my shoulders and said that I had no idea what he was talking about.

I followed him into his room, expecting him to explain whatever he was hinting at.  What I found was a hen sitting in his blanket.  Michael, with spatula in hand, scared it off the bed.  When it leapt, a white object remained.  Not only had the hen roosted on Michael’s bed, it left him a gift.  What ensued can only be characterized as a chase.  I was of no help because of a laughing fit which I shared with Mamma William.  Michael and Katie, who had just arrived, chased it out of the house.

For dinner tonight, hour old egg.  We have the freshest free range egg known to man and will enjoy it tonight!

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