05 June 2009

This morning

One of the new children, Titi (pronounced Tee-Tee), came over with a friend.  Titi is as every bit as small and cute as his name indicates.  He has been coming over for the past week with his friends/brothers (I am not sure) Brian, Che and Kevin.   You can see him pictured to the left with shaving cream on his head.  He is part of the gang that watched Michael shave the other day.

Titi came over with a friend who was equally as small.  The only English that Titi can say or understand is the standard “How are you? I am fine.”  His friend, smaller than he, stood in our courtyard terrified as Titi called out, “Mzungu.”  I walked out to see the new boy with dried snot on his face cowering.  Titi turned and calmly explained to him that the big bearded mzungu was alright.  When I emerged with some cars for them to use, the new boy was all smiles.

Usually the tiny ones are scared of us, but Titi is fearless.  He comes right in and hangs out like the older ones.  He flashes coy smiles when I am barely looking, but attempts to be as serious as possible whenever he things I am looking.