07 June 2009

Sachs vs. Easterly

The leading economists on world aid have been duking it out over at Huffington Post for the past two weeks.  The two represent differing views on the role of aid in the third world.  Basically, Easterly thinks that money should go to governments and be highly restricted.  He sees aid money as wasted and used to continue corruption.  Sachs is on the opposite side, saying that more money can help if it is used correctly.  He points to the success of aid and changes in countries such as China.

Anyways, their debate, which I found today, has been fun to read.  They are not above petty attacks and that makes it all the more enjoyable.  I would suggest sampling what the two write.  I personally cannot have a strong opinion in either direction.  To quote Obama it is “above my pay grade.”  The link provided is to Easterly’s blog.  He gives a little blow by blow of the exchange and a link to each of the articles.

Go here and check it out.