18 June 2009

My Day in Three Parts (pt 3)

Michael and I took in the soccer match between the United States and Brazil.  We were treated to a fine Nigerian film starring a child who clearly learned his acting from the Gary Coleman school, with humorous ramblings included.

The match started and it did not take long for me to miss the Nigerian movie.  With two mistakes leading to well played goals, the US was buried by the end of the first half.  The second started with promise, but another poor call from the ref led to a red card and then a beautiful passing display yielded the third goal.  A well played match against Italy was for naught as three to nil sat on the scoreboard with a formality remaining against Egypt.

Disappointed, I returned home to have a burger and watch terrible horror movies to forget what brought my eyes great pain. World Cup 2010 is not looking so promising anymore.